Why GODZone?

Because it truly is an adventure like no other. The mixed format teams, the length of the race, the team work, the secrecy of the course, the unknown disciplines, the different location every year – these and many other factors make GODZone unique. Every person who has competed at a Chapter of GODZone will have done so for different reasons and had a different experience. Some of their insights are shown below and give a good picture of why you should take on GODZone and get involved in adventure racing.

Matthew Jeans aged 25 – Hamilton

“GODZone 2014 in Kaikoura was my first expedition adventure race, in fact it was only my 5th adventure race and my first one over 8 hours. In the build up to GODZone and in the months following the race I have been asked on numerous occasions ‘Why?’. A myriad of words come to mind in a search for the answer to what is a simple but extremely difficult question. Escapism.. Silence.. Tranquility.. Freedom.. Different words but all linked by a common theme. GODZone allows me to escape from the somewhat restrictive nature of the world I live in. As a junior doctor we are tied to our pagers/phones. We seem to forever be working, with endless tasks and deadlines to make in a service that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. GODZone grants freedom from this world. There are no pagers, no phones, no emails. The weight and the noise from this world dissipates, you feel weightless. It’s just you, your teammates and the immediate environment surrounding you, which can be as small as the bubble of light cast by your headlamp at night. It is liberating. You truly get to live in the moment, life seems so raw, so pure, so simple. Eat, sleep (minimal amounts), walk, ride, kayak and repeat endlessly. In those few days life is stripped down to the bare essentials, you are reminded that the small stuff is not worth fretting about.

I think that deep down we all crave the feeling that GODZone provides. A chance to escape the frantic, high paced complexities of our day-to-day existence and enter a world of beautiful simplicities that epitomizes Expedition Adventure Racing.”

Louise Mark – Waitakere

“New Zealand is such an amazing place and I’m never going to get around to visiting every nook and cranny whilst I’m a wage slave. GODZone gives me the opportunity to see the best of them, incredible places off the beaten track. I’ll do things I wouldn’t thinking of doing, stuff adventure companies will never offer and see first hand how strong the human spirit can be.”

Tony Watson – West Melton

“I thought I was a normal guy with a family, a job and a mortgage. It turns out I am a not a normal guy with a family, a job and a mortgage. People are in awe when they see what we actually do which inspires others and that makes me feel good. It’s totally primal – nothing matters but travel, food and looking after yourself and your team. We get to see amazing places which allows us to focus on the no and live the moment.”

Kate Callaghan – Taupo

“They say after 50 it’s all downhill but GODZone challenges that.”

Grant Burke – Auckland

“Because I can. Adventure racing is something different because you enter as a team. The dynamics create a true adventure far more complicated than the natural environment alone. It is something that you cannot replicate anywhere else, along with the remarkable things you do and places you get to see at the most obscure times.”

Debbie Chambers – Auckland

“GODZone teams are pushed to their limits by the extreme nature of New Zealand’s climate, landscape, oceans, rivers, lakes and remoteness. We get to experience what it was like for early explorers, navigating rivers, clambering over passes and making route choices in challenging terrain. This event is as much about bushcraft and competency in the outdoors as it is about endurance, team work and navigation. I wouldn’t miss it.”

Paul Humphreys – Blenheim

“For my 3 American team-mates it was the chance to visit a country they have always wanted and for me to show them my backyard. GODZone was the perfect opportunity.”

Sia Svendsen – Christchurch

“It is simply the race of the year if you love expedition races. It traverses the stunning terrain of the South Island. Regardless of where you finish you get treated like a champion by the people following Live Coverage and the organisers. Being part of a team with a common goal I believe you can achieve so much more than you ever imagined possible. GODZone regained my mind and showed that you can do anything with belief.”

Milan Brodina – Czech Republic

“Daily life is sort of boring. It’s great to step outside of this and to do something truly adventurous.”

Emma McCosh – Auckland

“To challenge ourselves through the elements like our discoverers have had to in the past. Enduring the harsh weather and terrain as well as challenging ourselves with the sleep deprivation and exhaustion.”

Dan Moore – Picton

“GODZone means adventure. Adventure means happiness.”

Alison Russell – Taranaki

“Rookie blunders during the race showed that we had under-estimated the enormity of the event and were a little unprepared. However we went on to have an awesome race, due in no small part to the organisers. Their commitment to giving everyone the best race possible was outstanding. Never let a chance go by, you never know how much fun you’ll have. I would truly recommend anyone thinking about it to just get on and do it.”

Geoff Spark – New Zealand

“This was the first adventure race for all of us in the team. We were just ordinary people who have a love of the outdoors and the prospect of a challenge. GODZone provided the ultimate challenge in adventure, the rare opportunity to push the human body to physical and mental extremes in a team event, while exploring New Zealand’s majestic back country. A truly great and satisfying challenge for an outdoor lover.”

Jim Cotter – Dunedin

“GODZone is a complete break from work which allows me to live a little, see the country, catch up with friends – it feels like a spring clean of body and soul.”

Craig Cook – Oakura

“We saw it as the ultimate team challenge. You need to do GODZone at least once to do well. The learning curve is huge, we could write a book about it. It’s an amazing event and an incredible experience.”

Tim Farrant – Christchurch

“GODZone is an epic adventure with the best of friends. In the space of a week everything changes. You’ll finish the race and never be able to look at the World with the same set of eyes again.”

Denis Woods – Winton

“Most people don’t like getting too far outside their comfort zone, they are limited by what they think they can achieve. We expected and wanted GODZone to take us out of our comfort zone and challenge us both physically and mentally. It was a great event and met our expectations.”