First of all we’d like to the thank the amazing videographers who have worked with GODZone over the years to produce our videos. The movie makers who work with us understand the idiosyncracies of working on an event that never sleeps and the need to get into the wilderness to capture the best images possible.

GODZone does its best to showcase some of the most stunning parts of New Zealand, the exploits of the teams and capture the essence of adventure racing. Below, we have put together a very small collection of some of our videos from each Chapter which you can click on to watch, expand and you can even watch in HD. If you want to check out more GODZone videos then please click on any of our Vimeo logos and you will be taken to the GODZone Channel where you can browse our movies from each Chapter.

Chapter 5 – Tasman

Chapter 4 – Lake Wanaka

Chapter 3 – Kaikoura

Chapter 2 – Mount Cook

Chapter 1 – MILFORD