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Before you do, two things. Firstly, on behalf of the organisers and teams, we are eternally grateful for your support and help. Secondly, before you dive in let us make it very clear that this is a 24 hours a day, non-stop race and, therefore, you may be working around the clock for multiple days, possibly in the back country of New Zealand. Many of the roles that need to be filled require you to self sufficient, capable, willing and prepared to deal with the great outdoors. If you want to help but prefer to sip cappuccinos in warm huts talking about your travels in New Guinea then this probably isn’t the event for you. If you want to get stuck in, love hard work, enjoy being part of fun team and laugh in the face of sleep/sandflies then you’ll probably have a great experience and we’d love to have you along.


The following are compulsory pre-requisites that volunteers must have before they can be permitted to assist in the event:

    • Each international volunteer must have appropriate insurance cover over and above that provided by the organisation
    • Agree to the conditions, declarations and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release – Volunteers and be willing to sign this at race registration
    • Sufficient skills, experience and fitness to undertake the roles you have volunteered for

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    Do you have either a vehicle or boat you would be prepared to use during the event?
    What roles would you be interested in?
    Pre and Post Event ProductionVolunteer AssistantsTransition Area OfficialsRemote Checkpoint OfficialsLogistics OfficialsWater Safety TeamMedical TeamEvent RunnersMedia Team AssistantsLive Website AssistantFinish Line Assistants
    What dates are you available?
    Tuesday 1st MarchWednesday 2nd MarchThursday 3rd MarchFriday 4th MarchSaturday 5th MarchSunday 6th MarchMonday 7th MarchTuesday 8th MarchWednesday 9th MarchThursday 10th MarchFriday 11th MarchSaturday 12th MarchSunday 13th March