About GODZone

GODZone, presented by 100% PURE Racing, is a multi-day, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race which is usually held in the month of March each year.

The next installment of the GODZone will be known as Chapter 5 and will be hosted by an exciting new location (the previous 4 Chapters of the event having started from Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Kaikoura and Lake Wanaka respectively). GODZone will once again use the journey concept where teams will be expected to traverse some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes with a logical pathway from start to finish.

Registration will be opened to teams of four on the 1st of July 2015 with the only requirement being that they contain at least one female. Previous Chapters of GODZone have been “unsupported” which has meant that teams do not require their own support crews, with organisers  moving all equipment and racers around the course as necessary. All kayaks, canoes and certain other key items of equipment will be provided by the organisers.

What’s Involved?

The route will traverse a distance of approximately 500km. Teams will be expected to navigate, trek, mountain bike, kayak and canoe over a vast array of different landscapes. Other disciplines may be included which will test the mental and physical skills of participants. The route will be highly demanding both technically and physically, testing teams in many different ways and those taking part in the event should not underestimate the importance of being well prepared. GODZone in New Zealand represents the pinnacle of adventure racing challenges, is the most technically demanding adventure race in the World and individuals who intend to take part in the event should plan accordingly.

Teams must pass through a series of mandatory checkpoints along the course before reaching the finish. Teams will be provided with marked maps and team handbook which will provide valuable insight into the challenges ahead. Competitors change from one mode of transportation to another at designated transition areas. Transition areas and some checkpoints are staffed with race officials and medical personnel, as well as volunteers from around the world. One of the unique aspects of GODZone is that the maps and course remain a secret to all the teams until a few hours before the start.

Those taking on GODZone will be expected to travel day and night, with decisions to rest and sleep left solely to the discretion of the teams themselves. It is anticipated that the winning team will take between three and four days to finish. Teams may be allowed to take as many as seven days to complete the course. There will be short course options available to those teams unable to complete the full course in the allotted time.