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Saturday 25th February 2017

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What happens when a team breaks the rules?

GODZone is a race that encourages the best kind of sportsmanship. However, when you’re playing in 450km of some of the world’s most challenging and remote terrain, certain penalties have to be enforced for safety reasons.

On a team’s first offence, a penalty will be applied on a discretionary basis by the Race Referee and Race Directors. If they get a second penalty, the team will be forced to stop for four hours. The Race Directors will decide when to enforce this compulsory stop, for example, they may choose to enforce it towards the end of the race, so the team does not use the penalty to their benefit by sleeping. A third penalty results in automatic disqualification.

A penalty will be applied for the following:

  • Missing mandatory equipment, examples include:
    • Tent – 3 hours
    • Sleeping bag – 2 hours (per bag)
    • Tracker – 4 hours
    • Waterproof Jacket – 1 hour (per jacket)
    • Waterproof pants – 1 hour (per pant)
    • First Aid Kit – 2 hours
  • Not wearing race bib as outermost item – 1 hour
  • A team breaks the 100m rule and gets split up for a significant length of time – 1 hour
  • Team supporter or spectator physically assiss team – 4 hours
  • Team supporter provides important race related information to team – 4 hours
  • If team needs a Replacement Team Handbook or Maps – 2 hours
  • Lost Race Passport and Back Up Passport – Does Not Finish
  • On river during Dark Zone – Disqualification
  • Drag Kayaks – 1 hour
  • In Out of Bounds Area or on a restricted highway road – Disqualifation
  • Not following a mandatory route – Disqualification
  • Leaving litter in a TA, in our boats or on the course – 1 hour

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