Chapter 10 Sells Out in Record Time

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

NEWS UPDATE From: 100% Pure Racing, Queenstown, New Zealand For Immediate Release Thursday 1st July 2021   CHAPTER 10 OF GODZONE SELLS OUT IN RECORD TIME GODZone has cemented its position as the world’s largest expedition adventure race by selling out in record breaking time today. Entries to Chapter 10 of GODZone opened at 9am (NZT) and numbers quickly skyrocketed, with over 100 teams registering their desire to take on the epic race within the first five minutes of opening. All available team slots for both the GZ Pure and GZ Pursuit race categories have now reached capacity and additional teams will only be taken on a case by case basis. The prestigious 10-day […]

GODZone Opens Entries Tomorrow at 9am

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

NEWS UPDATE From: 100% Pure Racing, Queenstown, New Zealand For Immediate Release Tuesday 30th June 2021 NEW ZEALAND’S PREMIERE ADVENTURE RACE TO OPEN ENTRIES TOMORROW Entries to Chapter 10 of GODZone open at 9am (NZT) tomorrow, with domestic and international teams lining up for a racing spot at the tenth anniversary of the prestigious adventure event. The world’s largest expedition adventure race is once again returning to New Zealand’s South Island and will be hosted at an, as yet to be disclosed, destination. Race dates have been locked in for between the 3rd and 12th of March 2022. To celebrate 10 incredible years of GODZone, the event organisers have indicated […]

Chapter 10 is going Coast to Coast

Monday, May 31st, 2021

NEWS UPDATE From: 100% Pure Racing, Queenstown, New Zealand For Immediate Release Tuesday 1 June 2021 GODZONE CELEBRATES 10 YEARS WITH RETURN TO THE SOUTH ISLAND The South Island of New Zealand will play host to GODZone, the world’s largest expedition adventure race next year. The epic event is set to return, once again, to the spiritual home of the sport following a highly successful edition of the event in Rotorua. It was the first time an event of this nature has visited the North Island. It was announced on Tuesday, after considerable speculation throughout the adventure racing community, that Chapter 10 of the international event would be returning south and be hosted at […]

Vet, farmer and athlete

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

Country Wide Magazine - April 2021 Taihape vet, farmer and family man Anthony Oswald finds adventure racing takes his mind off the everyday as well as being good fun. Annabelle Latz tracked him down to find out more. Multi day adventure racing means entirely removing yourself from society. Your entire focus is about getting to the next checkpoint. All you think about is eating, navigation, and when you are going to lock in your next three hour sleep. It means no phones, and none of the day to day pressures of being a busy vet, farmer, father and husband. At the time of the interview, Taihape-based veterinarian Anthony Oswald was gearing up for GODZone Adventure Race. This took […]

Meet Martin, the GODZone trophy guy

Sunday, March 14th, 2021

He loves New Zealand so much, so bugger it, he’ll draw it. Meet Martin Rogers, you’ll probably be more familiar with his work than you realise, as he’s the man you can thank for the stunning logs of wood we call the GODZone trophies. It all started way back in 2012, just before Chapter 1 Milford was about to kick off. “It was two weeks before the race was to start, and I got a call from Adam Fairmaid (Race Director) who said ‘Marty you have a bit of skill, can you make us a trophy?’” recalls Marty, coffee in hand, chilling at Trail Kitchen at The Hub at Waipa, on the final day of GODZone Chapter 9 Rotorua. Marty told Adam that time was pretty tight and his workload […]

The Stuff Legends Are Made Of

Saturday, March 13th, 2021

The Legends Trophy went to Team Swazi (19) for GODZone Chapter 9 Rotorua. For each GODZone this Trophy is awarded by the race organisers to the team that, in the twilight of their sporting careers, show how it should be done. The Legends Trophy is open to both race categories. And true legends, as the Trophy small print claims, do not require prizes to recognise their awesomeness. Therefore, Team Swazi nailed it. They were that team on the course that just ticked along, and got the job done. They finished in 16th place, and were so stoked. With a team goal ‘to go as fast as possible,’ the proof of this goal accomplishment is clear due to the fact they were neither short […]


Friday, March 12th, 2021

The weather has turned, the sun is out and the last team - Unfinished Addiction (37) - at the back of the field, is slowly moving forward! Day eight of GODZone has a super positive vibe wherever you are on course. The finish line is humming, the music is playing and the Cargo brews and hot pies are going down a treat! Teams that finished a few days ago are enjoying long, lazy lunches at hotspots around Rotorua while Lake Taupo is providing the back third of the field a cracker day to paddle towards Kinloch and the final stretch home. With just 13 teams left to arrive at the Redwoods in Rotorua its nearly game over for the GODZone Ultimate Edition - Chapter 9. GODZone Event […]

Pushing through the puddles

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Where’s Warren? Buying gumboots. Well, that’s fair. It was late afternoon of Day 7, down on the finish line at Waipa Hub. It was wet, very wet. Puddles everywhere. The rain falls hard and fast in Rotorua, all of a sudden. And then it’s gone. And then it comes back again. The rain in Rotorua is not like adventure racing. Adventure racing is a slow burn, quite gradual, with a soft morph from one aspect or activity to another. So Event Director Warren Bates wanted to talk about the weather when he was back from buying his gumboots. He bought some for loud speaker guy Adrian too, who welcomes in every team at the finish line with his booming voice and the music, which has […]


Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Day seven at GODZone and teams at the back of the field are taking the brunt of Chapter 9. With cold, wet weather socking in over the Kaimanawa ranges its been a very long 24 - 48 hours for some who are struggling to make and find their way across the 88km trek and down to TA7. GODone Safety Office Wayne Allen says GZ operations and safety has been talking to several teams over their yellow brick trackers to advise them on their next moves. " Good decisions early is the key at the moment for these teams who are cold, tired, a little lost and struggling. We have told them to hunker down, get into their tents, eat some food or get to the nearest hut and stay there until they feel ok […]


Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Former All Black Captain Richie McCaw has leveled up his performance at GODZone today to take out a second-place alongside his isport teammates, Coast to Coast champions Dougal Allan and Simone Maier, along with Theo Wordsworth. "I have to say it's nice to get to the finish line – I was concerned that during that last stage we would make a mistake in the forest on the bikes, so it's a relief to get it done finally," said McCaw. " That last kayak section on Lake Taupo was great to get off the legs after that big trek in the Kaimanawas.” Team isport has gone toe to toe with Queenstown's team Tiki Tour over the past six days of racing the 666km Chapter 9 course. McCaw says his […]

Team isport Claim Second – Bates and Fairmaid Wrap Day Six

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021



Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Nathan Fa'avae, Chris Forne, Sophie Hart, and Stu Lynch of team Avaya clocked up their fifth win of the world's largest expedition adventure race this morning when they pedalled across the GODZone finish line. The foursome arrived at Waipa Hub in the Redwoods forest south of Rotorua at am, after five days of adventure racing across 666km of some of New Zealand’s most diverse wilderness terrain. The intensity of what the team had achieved was not lost on Avaya captain Nathan Fa’avae. "The start of the race was a bit interesting because of Covid level 2 teams were set off in intervals, and we were in the last wave. We just did our own thing on that first bike stage and were quite […]

GODZone Finish-line Countdown

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Team Avaya is heading for the Redwoods and not too far from the GODZone Chapter 9 finish with some world-class MTB trails in the iconic forest; a fitting way to finish off GODZone Chapter 9. The team has been all action since starting the race nearly five days ago, and while it may come as no surprise to those in the adventure racing world that Avaya looks to take GODZone out for the sixth time - the team never took the job lightly. At TA7 yesterday, after they came off a 48-hour trek over the Kaimanawa mountain range, captain Nathan Fa'ave said they were very mindful of how much sleep was needed to get moving forward with pace. "We had perfect timing for our first sleep when we […]

Tides of emotions

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Emerald pool after emerald pool, trout, deer, and changing weather patterns. A scope out high over the Kaweka and Kaimanawa Ranges this morning brought into context just the magnificence of the area these GODZone Chapter 9 teams are gracing. Race Director Adam Fairmaid said it was interesting to see how spread out all the teams were over this terrain, equalled by the range of emotions and pain. He said conditioning and fitness is a big factor from this stage of the race onwards. “Things are ticking along. It’s a long course and it’s a tough course, but they are getting through it. We will see a bit of carnage in the trek from the back teams probably, but you just never […]

GZ Day Five Video Wrap

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021



Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Four days and two hours in, and they are running -downhill - towards TA7 Waikoko Valley Camp! That's the word from the GODZone media team, who are out hunting down leading team Avaya - who in the past 24 hours have hauled their packs over 88km of pure native New Zealand bush across the massive Kaimanawa ranges - and are now starting to turn their direction towards home. " They have just climbed 1600 meters to the very top of the Umukarikari range and are now on an excellent track that leads down to TA7, so their pace is picking up," says GZ Course advisor Ian Edmond. "The area they have been trekking through for the past 48 hours is a very, very steep country, totally untracked heavy […]

All about feet and pace

Monday, March 8th, 2021

GODZone Chapter 9 is not easing up, and neither is the pace nor the anticipation. In a ‘normal’ sport, one would say you could safely bet your bottom dollar that Avaya (56) will reach Waipa Hub in the Redwoods first, most probably on Wednesday morning. But as Race Director Adam Fairmaid says, adventure racing is not a normal sport, and anything can happen between now and that finish line. Avaya is currently storming through the 88km Stage 7 trek that traverses the Kaweka and Kaimanawa Ranges. Yet still, that finish line even for Avaya who is half a day or 30 kilometres in front of second placed Tiki Tour, (13) is still on the other side of a significant […]

GZ Day Four Wrap Video

Monday, March 8th, 2021


‘Racers Edge’ Show Experience As They Edge into Fourth

Monday, March 8th, 2021



Monday, March 8th, 2021

"From now it will be a war of attrition" are the famous last words from Race Director Adam Fairmaid this morning as GODZone Chapter 9 moves into the most challenging half of the race. With teams spread far and wide across the 666km course, the mood will change significantly today as front runners tackle the most extensive and gruntiest trek of the course - a full traverse of the mighty Kaweka and Kaimanawa ranges - while the rest of the field peruse 55km of the mighty Mohaka River in their packrafts. "It’s going to be a long hard walk over this trek as the teams head to around 6000m of vertical ascent - pretty spectacular country in there and one of my favourite places in New […]