Teams start and finish their 2021 GODZone adventure in Rotorua, adventure playground of the North Island. The course is a whopping 666km with teams navigating, rafting, trekking, mountain biking and kayaking their way around a big loop, to the south of Rotorua, in a broadly clockwise direction. For the first time there is a rogaine section which will allow teams to miss a small number of checkpoints. There are 11 transition areas, three of which are remote. The highlight of the course maybe the wilderness paddle down the Mohaka River followed by an epic traverse of the Kaweka and Kaimanawa Mountains. Two stages that will no doubt live long in the memory.


Discipline Route Color Distance
Mountain Bike 365km
Kayak 57km
Trek 88km
Pack Raft 135km
Rogaine 21km
Canoe 0km
Total 666km
Discipline Route Color Distance
Mountain Bike 381km
Kayak 57km
Trek 106km
Pack Raft 0km
Rogaine 21km
Canoe 27km
Total 592km

Interactive Map


Stage 1
Stage 1 “Whakarewarewa Okataina”
Start Rotorua
Finish Gisborne Point
Distance 40km 56km
Ascent +1150m +1100m
Descent -1165m -1130m
Fast Time 3hr 4hr
Slow Time 5hr 6hr
Stage 2
Stage 2 “Rotoehu Rotoma”
Start Gisborne Point
Finish Rerewhakaaitu Camp
Distance 68km 42km
Ascent +950m +950m
Descent -800m -800m
Fast Time 15hr 8hr
Slow Time 24hr 15hr
Stage 3
Stage 3 “Moerangi”
Start Rerewhakaaitu Camp
Finish Te Pokapoka
Distance 134km 134km
Ascent +1700m +1700m
Descent -1350m -1350m
Fast Time 9hr 10hr
Slow Time 16hr 17hr
Stage 4
Stage 4 “Whirinaki”
Start Te Pokapoka
Finish Waituheomana Stream
Distance 21km 21km
Ascent +1100m +1100m
Descent -970m -970m
Fast Time 9hr 11hr
Slow Time 20hr 21hr
Stage 5
Stage 5 “Kaingaroa”
Start Waituheomana Stream
Finish Clements Clearing Camp
Distance 70km 70km
Ascent +350m +350m
Descent -600m -600m
Fast Time 4hr 4hr
Slow Time 6hr 6hr
Stage 6
Stage 6 “Te Iringa Mohaka”
Start Clements Clearing Camp
Finish Mangatutu Camp
Distance 54km
Ascent +550m
Descent -790m
Fast Time 13hr
Slow Time 20hr
Stage 7
Stage 7 “Kaweka Kaimanawa”
Start Mangatutu Camp
Finish Waikoko Camp
Distance 88km 78km
Ascent +6000m +4000m
Descent -5860m -4060m
Fast Time 33hr 28hr
Slow Time 50hr 48hr
Stage 8
Stage 8 “Tongariro River Trail”
Start Waikoko Camp
Finish Waiotaka Reserve
Distance 27km 27km
Ascent +80m +80m
Descent -280m -280m
Fast Time 1hr 1hr
Slow Time 2hr 2hr
Stage 9
Stage 9 “Lake Taupo”
Start Waiotaka Reserve
Finish Kinloch
Distance 57km 57km
Ascent +0m +0m
Descent -0m -0m
Fast Time 7hr 8hr
Slow Time 10hr 11hr
Stage 10
Stage 10 “Kinleith”
Start Kinloch
Finish Ohakuri Boat Ramp
Distance 56km 56km
Ascent +675m +675m
Descent -750m -750m
Fast Time 3hr 4hr
Slow Time 5hr 6hr
Stage 11
Stage 11 “Lake Ohakuri”
Start Ohakuri Boat Ramp
Finish Ohakuri Reserve
Distance 13km 13km
Ascent +0m +0m
Descent -0m -0m
Fast Time 3hr 3hr
Slow Time 5hr 5hr
Stage 12
Stage 12 "Redwoods"
Start Ohakuri Reserve
Finish Waipa Hub, Redwoods
Distance 38km 38km
Ascent +425m +425m
Descent -400m -400m
Fast Time 2hr 3hr
Slow Time 4hr 5hr