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"I’m so excited that GODZone Chapter 9 is coming to the North Island in 2021. Rotorua and its surrounds provide an amazing adventure paradise. This region is extremely diverse, competitors and support crews will enjoy a course that showcases its beauty, wilderness and culture. Everyone should expect unique North Island challenges and experiences. It will be special. Don't miss it!"

- Neil Jones (AR Legend and North Island resident)

Entries officially open on Sunday the 1st of September 2019 at 9am NZ Time (UTC +12:00) and will close on the 31st of December 2020. Based on historical demand a recent enquiries, it is anticipated that demand for team spots at Chapter 9 – Rotorua will be extremely high. All teams are encouraged to be proactive and get their entries in as efficiently as possible. Teams unable to commit to entry may register their interest in the race and receive the Newsletters as they are released. Registering an interest does not mean an entry spot will become available at a later date. The organisation reserves the right to close entries early.

On the 1st of September at 9am, a Button will appear on the Enter Now page which will facilitate entry to GODZone.


To enter Chapter 9 – Rotorua, one person per team (the ‘Team Administrator’) needs to complete the registration form on the Enter Now page. Teams do not need a complete team of four to enter. Entries will be processed once online registration is complete. However, a team spot is not secured until payment of the deposit or entire entry fee has been received. Overseas teams should enter immediately but will receive a 5 day grace period for payments due to possible delays in international settlements.

Teams should follow the payment instructions on the Enter Now page carefully. Payments made from a New Zealand bank account should include their unique 5 digit reference code on all payments (created during entry process). Failure to do so may lead to a $25 NZD administration charge being added to the entry fee. Overseas teams making international payments may not have the option to include the unique 5 digit reference code on their payment and should therefore email a bank confirmation, or snapshot of their transfer details, to Keren at competitor@godzoneadventure.com.

The Early Entry Discount ceases at 5pm NZ Time, Thursday the 31st of October 2019. To qualify for this discount the entire entry fee must be paid. After this time the Standard Entry Fee will apply regardless of the date the deposit was paid. The organisation reserves the right to change entry details, team limits and to cancel any entry. To complete your entry and for more information please Enter Now.

For the first time, GODZone is offering teams the option to pay their entry fees via instalments. The fees will be broken up into 4 equal payments and are broadly payable on a quarterly, or every 3 month, basis. The instalment option for entry fees must be taken up in September 2019 and will cease to be available after that date. To secure an entry spot, the deposit/1st payment must be paid immediately. Entry instalment payments are to be made via bank transfer in the manner described above for other entry fees. A reminder email will be sent out before payments are due. Any team on the instalment plan may elect to pay their entire balance in one go at any time. They should notify Keren if a full balance payment is planned.

All entry related questions should be directed to:

Contact: Keren McSkimming Bennetts
Mobile: 029 269 5263 (international +64 29 269 5263)
Email: competitor@godzoneadventure.com

Additional important entry information and pre-requisites for entering GODZone can be found on the Enter Now page.


General Entry Option

Entry Type Deposit Payable Balance Payable Total Payable Balance Payment Deadline
 Team: Early Entry Discount  $2125 NZD  $6375 NZD  $8500 NZD  1st September 2019 – 31st October 2019
 Team: Standard Entry Fee  $2125 NZD  $7375 NZD  $9500 NZD  1st November 2019 – 31st December 2020
 Team: Late Entry Fee  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A

Payment Plan Option

Entry Info Deposit/Payment 1 Payment 2 Payment 3 Payment 4 Total Payable
Dates Payable September 2019 30th November 2019 28th February 2020 30th September 2020
 Team: Payment Plan Entry  $2250 NZD  $2250 NZD  $2250 NZD  $2250 NZD  $9000 NZD

General Entry Option

Entry Type Deposit Payable Balance Payable Total Payable Balance Payment Deadline
 Team: Early Entry Discount  $1750 NZD  $5250 NZD  $7000 NZD  1st September 2019 – 31st October 2019
 Team: Standard Entry Fee  $1750 NZD  $6250 NZD  $8000 NZD 1st November 2019 – 31st December 2020
 Team: Late Entry Fee  N/A  N/A  N/A N/A

Payment Plan Option

Entry Info Deposit/Payment 1 Payment 2 Payment 3 Payment 4 Total Payable
Dates Payable September 2019 30th November 2019 28th February 2020 30th September 2020
 Team: Payment Plan Entry  $1875 NZD  $1875 NZD  $1875 NZD  $1875 NZD  $7500 NZD

Enter a Team

Please follow the instructions below to complete the entry process:

  • Visit the Enter Now page
  • Read the Important Information and Pre-Requisites of entry
  • Fill out the form with the required information
  • Tick the check box to say you have read the important information and pre-requsites of entry
  • Press the Send button (open from the 1st of September)
  • An email will be sent to the team administrator detailing a code, password and where they can edit team and personal information
  • Keep a record of the unique 5 digit code (which should be used as the reference in all payments), login and password
  • Make entry fee payment using the details provided below
  • General team and individual competitor information may be submitted with entry or at a later date. It may be changed any time up to two weeks before the events starts by using the above login and password

Making a Payment

To pay the deposit or balance of your entry fee follow the instructions below. Please note that we are unable to accept credit card payments:

  • Teams must pay all entry fees by bank transfer using the details in the table below (identical to all previous GODZone Chapters)
  • Teams must use their Unique 5 Digit Code as the bank reference. Failure to do so may lead to a $25 NZD administration charge being added to the entry fee
  • Teams making international payments should email a bank confirmation or snapshot of their transfer details to Keren at competitor@godzoneadventure.com because international transfers do not usually include a reference code
  • A tax receipt is available on request and will be emailed to the team administrator
Information Details
Bank BNZ – Shop 11-13, Remarkables Park Town Centre, Hawthorn Drive, Frankton, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Account Name 100 PURE Racing
Account No. 02 1265 0012028 025
Swift Code BKNZNZ22 (for international teams)
Bank Phone Number +64 800 275 269
Payment Reference Please use the Unique 5 Digit Code that you are given when you Enter and your Team Name (this can be changed at a later date)


There are several extremely strong and capable school, college and colt teams currently competing in New Zealand. To help nurture the next generation of adventure racers there is a substantial discount of entry entry fees to any GODZone competitors who meet the criteria below:

  • Competitors who are aged 23 or under on the 1st of March 2021, and in full time education will be eligible for a $500 NZD discount on their portion of the entry fee
  • All discounts will be calculated and applied at the time of the final balance payment
  • Proof of Student ID will need to be emailed through to Keren at competitor@godzoneadventure.com
  • All other conditions regarding payment dates and cancellations apply

What GODZone Provides

  • A high quality expedition length adventure racing course
  • Logistical support for moving kayaks and limited box movements into remote transitions
  • Kayaks and inflatable canoes
  • On-site search and rescue teams for emergency first aid
  • Special disciplines and equipment
  • Team tracking and live race website
  • Race maps and route book
  • GODZone shirt or equivalent
  • Race Bib

Teams Need To Provide

  • Travel to and from Event HQ (please see the International Teams page for transfer details)
  • A support crew to assist the team through the duration of the event, together with an appropriate vehicle and ability to transport bikes and equipment
  • Pre and post race accommodation (variety available from camping to hotel)
  • All items on the Mandatory Gear List not specifically provided by the Organisers
  • Food and drink for the event
  • (GZ Pure teams only) Two 100 litre Duffle Bags that have some waterproof or water resistant properties
  • We highly recommend that you take out some form of insurance to cover your equipment during the event. The organisers will take no responsibility for any damaged or lost equipment during the event, regardless of fault or cause

Cancellation and Refunds

Teams may officially cancel their entry at any stage prior to the event by writing, calling or emailing the race organisers. The deposit that secures your entry is not refundable at any stage. Cancellation of a team entry after 1st December 2019, will be refunded 50% of any monies paid over and above the deposit. Cancellations of team entry after 30th September 2020, teams will not be refunded any monies.

Teams are not permitted to transfer their deposit or any other fees paid to future editions of GODZone if they are not able to make Chapter 9 – Rotorua.

Teams are permitted to transfer or sell their current entry for Chapter 9 – Rotorua to another team if available. This will be a transaction between the teams and the event organisers will not, in general, facilitate putting teams in touch with each other. The team administrator must notify Keren at competitor@godzoneadventure.com if an entry has been transferred or sold.

If two teams do not have sufficient members and decide to join together, this will be strictly considered as one team cancelling their entry. Refund policy will be as stated above, no exceptions.

Teams are permitted to exchange their entry between the GZ Pure and GZ Prime/Pursuit events, if sufficient space exists and the respective new event is not already full. Any variations in entry fees must be settled within 2 weeks of the change making place. All other conditions regarding refunds remain the same after a category change.

If any member of a team is deemed not competent enough to undertake the event whilst participating, the whole team will be disqualified and NO refund will be given. Details of expected competencies are be promulgated on this web site and in the Newsletters. However, it is a pre-requisite of entry that every competitor and team enters the event with their eyes wide open and that they have investigated the likely scenarios they will face during the race.

If the race is cancelled due to acts of god, natural disasters, terrorism or other reasons etc, the organisers will make every effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all teams. However, all teams should be aware that any refunds will be made after event costs have been taken into consideration. Given the high number of fixed costs associated with organising the race teams should also be aware that any refund is likely to be minimal. The race will not be re-scheduled.