Chapter 10

Host Location

“End to end, side to side, coast to coast, A Southern Traverse or simply, a journey like no other. This course will take competitors through some of the most beautiful parts of the South Island and leave an indelible mark on their memories. The essence of the event will be an expedition-style adventure, with teams racing from one remote location to another, with almost 9 days to complete the task. The South Island offers some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth and this will be a unique opportunity to take it all in."

- Adam Fairmaid (Race Director)

Hmmm, let's take a 'wild' guess...

Now, for something different. Well, it is Chapter 10, after all. We are feeling the need to do something a little bit special since we’re celebrating a decade of Adventure Like No Other. So, rather than base ourselves out of a particular hub, we have decided that GODZone Chapter 10 will effectively be hostless (at least in terms of naming rights). What this means in practice is that we plan to take teams on an incredible journey from one remote location to another. Yes, from one coast to another coast on an intrepid trip through some of New Zealand’s most stunning (and challenging) terrain. Kaikoura to the Karamea? Mikonui to Marlborough, Milford to Moerangi….you’re probably getting the picture.

This will be a linear journey and teams will have up to 9 (yep, nine) days to complete the challenge. We expect that the fastest teams will take between four and a half and five days to complete the course.

We are well aware that teams from further afield will want to start putting together their travel arrangements. At the same time, we are keen to keep the location of Chapter 10 a secret for as long as practicable. The plan, therefore, is to announce the ‘host’ location for registration and briefing at the time we release Newsletter 1 (23rd September) which, will give teams almost 6 months to finalise their travel movements, accommodation, etc. We can say for sure, that you will be on the South Island! And for this reason (and as a hat tip to the event that was instrumental in getting adventure racing to where it is today) we shall be referring to Chapter 10 as A Southern Traverse edition, or ‘Traverse’ for short.

The host location for registration and briefing will be somewhere convenient for the course. The actual location of the start or finish could be a long way away from the host location – such is the nature of a linear event.

South Island - The Home of Adventure

New Zealand’s South Island hosts the purest natural landscapes you’ll ever experience. From wildlife to wineries, glacial valleys to star-filled skies, the South Island offers adventure in all its forms. Choose to explore just one region, or road trip from Picton all the way down to Bluff. No matter which destinations you choose to explore on this long, mountainous island, you’ll be constantly open-mouthed before the incredible scenery.

Southern Alps

The main feature of scenery in the South Island is mountains. The Southern Alps mountain range is the backbone of the island, stretching for roughly 500 kilometres from Wanaka to Arthur’s Pass.

The Alps have snowy tops all year round, feeding glaciers and crystal clear rivers.

As well as dividing the island visually, the Southern Alps also separate the lower South Island into two distinct halves climatically. The West Coast is frequently drenched in rain the slopes on this side of the island are covered in lush forest. On the eastern side, the Canterbury Plains are much drier and feature a much more arid landscape.

The highest mountain in New Zealand, Aoraki/Mount Cook, soars to 3,724 metres. Mount Cook is one of New Zealand’s greatest natural features. The pyramid-shaped peak entices both day walkers and keen climbers. To get a glimpse of New Zealand’s tallest mountain, you can visit Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park for a day walk or even an overnight trip to the famous Mueller’s Hut.


Head to Nelson, Golden bay and Abel Tasman National Park to see some of the best beaches in New Zealand.


Milford Sound is the most famous fiord in New Zealand, but you can also visit Doubtful Sound for an off-the-beaten-path adventure. You can see these and other fiords in – you guessed it – Fiordland.


The higher altitudes and open plains mean dense forests aren’t as common as they are in the North Island. For rich green scenery, check out Fiordland National Park, the stunning beech forests in Mount Aspiring National Park, or the rich nikau wilderness in Paparoa National Park. In the upper reaches of the South Island, such as in Marlborough or Nelson, you’ll also see plenty of green spaces.

The Home of Adventure

Taking you to places other races just can't reach

The Home of Adventure
  • Wildlife

    Who knows what you might see on your journey? Some of the more common wildlife to spot are marine life like seals, penguins, whales, dolphins and bird life like keas, fantails and pukekos.

  • Sunrise sunset
    Sunrise sunset

    You might just end up in an incredible location to watch the sunrise. Or, you may find yourself sitting down to soak up the final rays of sunshine as the day finishes and Apollo parks his chariot up for the night.

  • Wild Coastlines
    Wild Coastlines

    The event is going coast to coast so you are going to experience at least two of these. Could be sandy, could be rocky, could be very wild or very remote. There is something quite special about mooching along the shore with your team mates...something magical about the sea.

  • Underground

    Not everything cool and beautiful in the South Island is above ground. Lots of caves and other things to explore, if you know where to look.

  • Wilderness

    The plan is to take you into places seldom visited or the roads less travelled. Paddling, trekking, biking into areas which seldom see people and which leave you with a chance to reconnect with nature and your team.

  • Rocky Ridges
    Rocky Ridges

    The views usually make the effort worthwhile. The South Island is covered with mountains and ridges which lead to spectacular vistas and lasting memories. A head for heights is helpful in certain situations.

  • Mountain Biking
    Mountain Biking

    Biking into the hills, following the trails, enjoying the downhills, earning your stripes on the uphills. Mountain biking is an integral part of this adventure and will take teams into some stunning locations.

  • A Sense of Humour
    A Sense of Humour

    The South Island is renowned for its hospitality, welcome and sense of humour. If you do chance across some spectators on your Chapter 10 adventure, they are bound to treat you with humble respect and awe!